Free! Yes that's right you heard it. FREE BYOC AT KEKCON!!

About BYOC
By becoming a BYOC Meme-ber you can reserve a seat at our Bring Your Own Computer/Console section! You will also have the same access as a general attendee ,but this means you've reserved a table space for your own equipment to use.

For those of you may not be familiar B.Y.O.C stands for Bring Your Own Computer/Console(or Laptop). Here at Kekcon the friendly gamer team believes that it should hold true to the roots of LAN gaming and allow gamers an environment where they can freely bring their own rigs. We love to see the talent, art, and hardware that goes into fan made machines and wish to spread it with everyone so they can see the dedication and work gamers have for their passion.

(Rules and policies are always subject to change.)

-Seating for the BYOC LAN will be first come first serve. You must sign up as an individual although we do not discourage clans, teams, and groups. Limited to 10 per group.  Each member of a team must have a 2019 KeKCon meme-bership.

-Upon registration; be sure to select what game tournament(s) you will be participating in (if any).

-If you do not have a team or squad, we will try our best to assign you one, but no guarantee. We typically stick with Red versus Blue so choose your color!

-We encourage fair play and sportsman like conduct. Since we are gathering here as a community; MLG/E-Sports players and Streamers will be treated equally to general attendees and BYOC meme-bers. (Specialized guests/streamers who will have their own designated "showtime" to broadcast on-site will have special seating but that's about it.) Despite this, arrangements may be made to balance teams as best as possible.

-If there is an issue. Our word is final.

-Please keep track of your items!  We aren't responsible for the safety of your belongings.

-Be sure to read the rest of the page.

Have fun!

What to Bring:

Tournaments will be both volunteer provided equipment and BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/Console)
BYOC means that you must bring all of the equipment you need to compete with including, but not limited to: computer/console, monitor, mouse, keyboard/controller/fightstick, headphones, and cables (power, video, etc.).
As of right now Wireless Internet will not be provided and you are not allowed to bring your own router, switch, or access point, so please prepare accordingly.
We will provide whatever AC outlets and Ethernet cables we can for each seat/table. We highly encourage you to bring your own power cord/Ethernet cable. You CAN NOT BRING any standard 2 wire extension cord (this includes but is not limited to polarized or cube tap cords). You must use a proper power/extension cords that are properly rated to handle the power consumption of your device(s). Failure to do so may result in inaccessibility to utilizing the BYOC section.

General rules


Anyone bringing hardware into the LAN area will be required to report the hardware they’re bringing into the venue.

Usage Policy:

There is limited bandwidth available for the LAN. Therefore, we reserve the right to disconnect or throttle attendees who consume significant bandwidth.
Torrenting, filesharing, streaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activity are prohibited on the network.
Attendees are also not allowed to tamper with the network or power infrastructure that we provide in any way.
This includes, but is not limited to, unplugging/moving network switches or plugging in additional routers, switches, or wireless access points.


There will be a bag check at all entry/exit points at the venue to improve security because of the number of attendees at KeKCon.

Please remember that this is no excuse to leave your gear in a compromising fashion; we take no responsibility for any loss of equipment nor does the hotel. You are entirely responsible for the safety and security of your equipment.

*To deter theft, we advise you either rent a room to keep belongings in or pack a lockable case and bring a cable lock for your valuables. Better to be prepared than to be sorry.*

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff

By signing up for BYOC LAN spaces, you agree to the following:

While we will do our best to maintain security, KeKCon is no way responsible for any gear or equipment you may choose to bring.
We can use any media (video, pictures, etc.) we acquire at the event for ourselves (primarily marketing and promotional use).
Please abide by these rules as they’re designed to keep things smooth for both the attendees, event moderators, and the event.

By agreeing to this disclaimer, you voluntarily:

(i) release KeKCon from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property; infringement of any right, or any other claim or cause of action of any kind as a result of participation in the event;

(ii) authorize and permit KeKCon and its designees to use your name, voice, and likeness and all reproductions thereof in all media now or hereafter known for all purposes in perpetuity;

(iii) agree to comply with all posted rules outlined on the KeKCon LAN/BYOC/Tournament/Policies, Guidelines and Rules webpages ( ( (;

(iv) understand that all attendees must have a valid KeKCon badge in their name for at least one day the convention to participate, and voluntary payment without agreeing to these terms may not warrant a refund.