KekCon was initially a demand amongst gamers ,but rolled over onto dedicated fans, and old school nerds. People who didn't have much of a voice and were being ignored. So an idea sparked. A gaming convention ,but old school. A 90's and early 2000's type-old. So thus KekCon was born. The name having rooted from that older generation of gaming but also some added humor as the it translated to 'lol' in a fantasy game from that era.

At the time Atlanta seemed to have had no conventions dedicated to gaming. Any gaming tracks were being downsized and many beloved franchises were being casted aside for corporate interest rather than that of the fan. The con scene was becoming something that was no longer meant for nerds. Slowly losing more and more fandom related content. We wanted to not only prevent this decline but offer an environment to expose the new generation of quality, older gen games. Games that break the monetization barrier and allow an opportunity for good times, education and learning about technology. All in an effort to teach about the industry, good ethical business practice and pursuing technological advancement to help advance society rather than regress it. We were wonderfully surprised by the positive reception and helped spark a booming renaissance in more than just our community, but those in the industry as well. More and more people are coming on board and other organizations are taking after us. We created a boom in the gaming scene in Atlanta just by our emergence alone. Currently, many Internet users are expressing their concern for the gaming, comic, and entertainment industry and now its being brought to life. A place where actual fans can have discussions and freedom from those who seek to tear down our communities socially and financially. As well as discuss our rights on the internet. We brought hope and excitement to members of the community whom have been around for decades, along with younglings who will be the content creators of tomorrow. We're ecstatic to say welcome Atlanta. Welcome to our #DigitalRevolution. Won't you take part?


To our knowledge, we are the first and only convention that has come to existence with the use of Crypto Currency alone. We have taken donations and personal funds and put them into mining currency to help bring this event into reality. Why? Because our mission, or the fundamental principles behind what this event stands for are far too important and crucial for society to not have this happen. We are gamers. Little people. Local and passionate for creating an environment dedicated towards recreating what "nerdspaces" originally were as well as immersing into our beloved fandoms, games, franchises, and lore that has long been forgotten and abandoned by other conventions and soon enough the gaming industry as a whole. We are a symbol that you can do anything and free society from those who seek to restrain it. By putting on this event we had no idea to what extent people would go to make sure that gamers, nerds, and internet right enthusiasts would be without a place to enjoy their passions in peace and have a voice in their own communities. Groups of individuals have gone to no end to assure that our freedoms, rights, and demand for ethical business practice would be slandered, censored and deleted just to maintain a sense of absolute control over everyone and their lives both in the digital world and in the physical world. Our event was struck hard by them in an act of censorship so as a solution we have become fully independent of other services and organizations and are currently self funded and as an act of resilience decided to have our first year completely FREE TO ATTEND.

So with that being said; in an act to #FreeTheInternet we here at KekCon have made the bold move to make our event  #FreeToAttend so everyone can join us in this #DigitalRevolution. However because of this we kindly ask that you donate if possible or reserve a room. That way we can keep the event going and bring in more content and guests for this year and future years, and by reserving a room with the link below, you help the convention cover its costs for the venue and thus reduces the overall expenses which in itself is what the fundraising is for.

Remember that while this event is free to attend you must register on-site to be allowed inside. We also plan to open an online shop very soon. So please keep your eyes peeled for any announcements on our social media.



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